Hair Removal

Waxing - Beautician Removing Unwanted Hair from Female Leg with hair removal Wax Strips

Waxing Hair Removal Services for Men & Women

We use RICA, a premium quality wax from Italy. RICA wax uses ingredients from Sicily, and its volcano Mt. Etna. These ingredients come from renewable elements, and hold outstanding properties to provide you with a more gentle and enjoyable experience.

The RICA team views waxing products as cosmetics, giving their products a unique and different concept that delivers a wax with superior performance. Unlike any other waxing product in the market, RICA provides you with an experience that is less painful and of exceptional quality.

technician applying a laser gun hair removal treatment to a woman lying down with her leg folded


VIKINI is based on a high powered 808nm diode laser that is far more stable and uniform then other laser wavelengths for permanent hair removal. Its fast operation up to 10hz and various selective plus modes can provide less pain and more effective results.

Electrolysis offers an alternative method for hair removal. Using a small needle, the follicle is zapped in order to remove the hair. This method of hair removal over a period of time can be very long lasting and almost permanent.