Reiki Energy Healing

(performed only by our Master Aesthetician/Reiki Practitioner Tammy)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an Ancient Japanese “ENERGY HEALING” technique that involves laying on of hands.  Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive practice that uses Universal Energy to remove any blockages, fatigue and stress on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state of being.  Our goal is to release and clear these unwanted blockages so energy can flow freely throughout us, resulting in a more calm, balanced and harmony to oneself.

How can Reiki help us?

When energy isn’t able to flow through your body, it can cause negative and unfavourable effects on us.  By alleviating these imbalances with Reiki, individuals can achieve and maintain a higher level of health and wellbeing.

The most common imbalances are:

What to expect?

Clients who choose Reiki as a type of alternative healing will receive one-on-one sessions with Tammy.  Each of your sessions is tailored to your individual needs and each client’s experience is different.  Performed in a private treatment room, where you will be fully clothed (wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing) and tucked away under blankets resting and relaxing comfortably.  Tammy will open your session and the Reiki will begin to flow from the palm of her hands to you resulting in a sense of deep relaxation, calmness, tranquility and helping you to achieve almost a “floating” or “in the zone” state allowing the body to heal within itself.

Reiki Energy Healing Session --- $110

Includes:  Initial Client Assessment and Intake Form, Chakra Balancing with Crystals, Reiki Healing with Intuitive Messages, Suggestions and Maintenance for everyday/at home care.

Chakra Cleansing Tailored Facial -- $275

Created by Tammy, this unique session includes all the benefits of our Tailored Facials, as well as Chakra Balancing using Reiki and Healing Crystals.  During your session, Tammy will address all ailments and needs of the Skin and Chakra’s resulting in solutions and advice to begin your personalized journey to a healthy, well balanced, rejuvenated, flawless/glowing complexion and lifestyle.


Includes:  Initial Client Assessment and Intake Form, Breathing Techniques, Manual Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Cold Therapy, Hand/foot Massage, Extractions (if one wishes), Suggestions and Maintenance for everyday/at home care.