Frequently asked questions

We employ stylists of all levels at Fortelli Salon and Spa. From Apprentices to Master Stylist, your cost for services will reflect the level of experience your stylist has in terms of education, and years of service.

With every haircut at Fortelli Salon and Spa, you will be offered a wash, scalp massage, cut, blow dry and style. You may choose to decline any of the services included, but the price will remain the same. A trim or a dramatic cut do not have a different price because the same precision is required for a trim as it is for a new style cut.

You can schedule your appointment by phone or in person. You can also request an appointment online and our Salon and Spa Coordinator will contact you to schedule the appointment.

We pride ourselves on providing service to all of our clients in a timely and professional manner. Your promptness is greatly appreciated and required to properly serve you.  We do understand that circumstances arise.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to do the service.  We will always try our best to honor your appointment, however, it may not be possible as the stylist schedule may be fully reserved.  Please call us at 905-824-4949 to notify us of any delays so we can determine if we are able to still do the service or if we have to reschedule your services.

At Fortelli Salon & Spa we strive to meet all of our clients’ needs and expectations, and to accommodate our guests as best we can.  Due to a high volume of clientele, a cancellation policy is in place at Fortelli Salon & Spa. At Fortelli Salon & Spa, we ask that you provide at least 48 hours cancellation notice for all reservations in the salon and spa.

We do ask for your appreciated cooperation when possible. If 48 hours’ notice is not given, it is noted on file and a warning is provided.  If 48 hours’ notice is not provided a second time, we will ask for a credit card to be kept on file. The third time 48 hours’ notice is not given, a 50% charge of all services the day of late cancellation will be applied.

This policy is the same for no show appointments. Please note, that while we do our best to provide a courtesy call in advance, we ask that you do not rely on these, as there may be some instances where they are unable to be completed due to an exceptionally high volume of calls and unexpected closure dates.

Our services are by appointment only.  Our stylists are in high demand as we strive to provide the best quality service and experience.  We strongly recommend booking your next appointment before you leave the salon.

Colour consultations allow for the stylist to know more about your hair history, and understand where you want to go on your colour journey.  The stylist will let you know what they recommend for services, how long the colour services would take and provide a pricing quote for the services. 

If you choose to book for the colour services after your consultation, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.  You are able to make any changes to your appointment or if you change your mind and want a refund, you are able to do so with no charge within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment.  If you change your appointment, cancel or no-show for your colour services within the 48 hours, the deposit is automatically forfeited.

For any of our colour services, a consultation is required before reserving an appointment.  The consultation is $25 plus tax.  When you have the colour services performed, the $25 can be used towards your actual colour services.  If you decide not to book in, the $25 consultation fee is charged for the stylist’s time.

Yes, you do need to reserve a colour consultation appointment if it has been more than a year since you have had colour services done at Fortelli Salon and Spa.

Yes, at least one day before the colour treatment as clean hair allows products to perform better.   If you have hair build-up, it doesn’t allow products to perform at their best.

Yes, we highly recommend using shampoo for color care as this will help to protect your investment for a longer period of time.

If you are not satisfied with our service, please let us know as soon as possible (maximum within 5 days after service) so we can determine what we can do to meet your expectations.

Your stylist can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a skin care product line to use at home, or have specific needs for a salon or spa treatment, we are always available to answer your questions.

Fortelli Salon and Spa is a Premiere Davines Salon. We believe in their mission to “Sustain Beauty,” by providing our clients the best care through our products along with our services. Davines ensures that their products are natural and sustainable from the ingredients down to the packaging, formulated in-house in Parma, Italy. Here at Fortelli Salon and Spa, we take pride in knowing our clients are using natural, eco-certified and organic hair care, offering products to those of all hair types and colors.

Yes you can, but it does all depend on the type of facial you will be getting the day of the waxing.  We do not perform any waxing service with most of our medical facials, peels, micro needling, and dermaplaning.

Yes, but always get your facial done first! During most of our facials there is lots of facial and scalp massage performed which leaves your skin glowing but can leave your hair not in the most perfect shape. Also, during the scalp massage we work with different essential oil blends which will have positive effects on the hair but will leave a residue.

No, we do not recommend this for many reasons.  After receiving one of our tailored facials, it is always good to leave the skin makeup free to allow all the facial products to keep working their magic.

Yes, we highly recommend waxing and facial services before an event but at least 7 days before the occasion.

We do have a complete description of our facials on our website for you to review.  All of our facials have been designed so that there is always a one on one consultation with your Skin Care Specialist beforehand to determine the appropriate facial for your skins needs that day.

If your shellac gel nail polish chips within 10 days we will fix the chipped nails for you at no charge. Typically gel nail polish can last up to 14 days but after about 10 days there will be more grow out and at that point you will be due for a full manicure to have the nails groomed properly and the polish reapplied. If the shellac gel polish has chipped on the toes within the first 10 days then we can fix that as well. When having lacquer nail polish applied on fingernails, it is a bit different.  Lacquer nail polish doesn’t have the longevity like shellac gel polish but if it has chipped within the first 4 days, we will be happy to replace the chipped ones. Lacquer applied on the toes has a better longevity but if there is a chip within 10 days we will fix it.

Our Slow Beauty manicure and pedicures are our complete nail services that consist of many steps. From soaking to cutting, filing, buffing, all cuticle work, callus removal, exfoliation using a body polish that only contains the cleanest and vegan ingredients, hot towel treatment, massage using the same ingredients and finishing off with a perfect polish application.


Our Mini Mindful nail services were designed for a quick clean up or if you are in a rush. The steps are more minimal in these services, soaking, cutting, filing, buffing the nails, a quick exfoliation using a body polish and then finished off a perfect polish application. There is no cuticle work, callus removal, hot towel treatment or massage in these services.

Yes. there is a charge for Shellac Gel nail polish removal.

The appropriate time to do laser hair removal is in the cooler months when we don’t have a lot of sun exposure, unless the area being treated (underarms) doesn’t get a lot of sun exposure.

Laser and sun exposure is one of those things that just don’t work well together. If there has been sun exposure you will be able to resume your laser treatments once the tan has subsided.

The best results for laser hair removal is skin types 1-4 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Hair that is brown, medium brown, dark brown and black will also have the best results. The best way to know if you’re a candidate for laser is to book a consultation with our laser technician, they will be able to advise you on a proper protocol to achieve the best results.

Yes we have three skincare lines, two of those lines being medical grade skincare. Once you have received one of our many facial treatments your Skincare Specialist will sit down with you and make recommendations for the proper products for you to be using at home. It is so important to be using the proper products for your skin type in order to achieve the results that you want and deserve for your skin.

Your Skin Care Specialist can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a skin care product line to use at home, or have specific needs for a spa treatment, we are always available to answer your questions.

Unfortunately we will not be able to perform both of these services on the same day. Depending on the facial treatment we will recommend anywhere from 10-14 days in between laser treatment and facial treatment. Your Skincare Specialist will advise when starting these treatments.

Absolutely we do! Salon and spa treatments are the perfect gift. Purchase a Gift Card online at our Shopify store, or feel free to stop by the salon to purchase it in person.  Fortelli Salon and Spa gift cards are not redeemable for cash and not applicable to credit card accounts.  This card can be used on services or retail purposes.  Gratuities are not included.  Fortelli Salon and Spa gift cards are valid only at our location and cannot be used at another Fortelli salon as we are not affiliated with them.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Unused products and unused styling tools may be returned to Fortelli Salon and Spa for a full refund for up to 5 days with a receipt.


In the event a product or styling tool is defective, we are able to exchange the product for up to 5 days after purchase with a receipt.

Please read the remaining warranty located in the box of your styling tool. 

Note: warranty is valid for one exchange only.  Manufacture warranty must be taken into consideration after the exchange.

Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Mississauga Fortelli salon and spa gift cards.

Please give us a call at 905-824-4949 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any more questions!