Hair Care Products

To understand Fortelli Salon & Spa, introduce yourself to Davines and their values.

At Fortelli Salon & Spa we strive to bring you quality that is sustainable, manageable, and up to your standards. At the same time, we hope to reflect an environment of love, community, friendship, and family.

Davines Products

A professional and internal brand that originates from Italy, Davines products brings you results like no other brand.  Davines was founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy.  Now for over 30 years, Davines offers one of the best hair care and professional colour lines available in the world today and we offer it exclusively as one of the premier Davines Salons at Fortelli Salon and Spa in Mississauga.

Davines utilizes a combination of both nature and science to provide hair with what it wants and needs.  With a large selection of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair treatments, Davines has created a product for every individual, time of year, style and need.  Our stylists are able to customize Davines products based on what your hair needs right now.

To further familiarize yourself with Davines, please watch “Beauty is Life”: