Hair Treatments

Cezanne Treatments

Cezanne treatment is 100% formaldehyde free smoothing system that elasticizes the hair, eliminates frizz and unnecessary wave. Cezanne makes the hair beautiful and manageable for up to 5 months.

*This service requires a consultation with the stylist.  The consultation fee is $25 plus HST. 
When you have the cezanne services performed, the $25 can be used towards your actual cezanne service.
If you decide not to book in, the $25 consultation fee is charged for the stylists’ time.

*Price includes take home products for maintenance

Treatment Menu

We’re excited to showcase our regular and quickie treatments, featuring cutting-edge ingredients and updates that make already-strong performers even more effective.  Each one of our treatments can be customized to your individual hair and scalp needs.

Ask your stylist which one they would recommend for you and how to achieve the best results with our take home products.