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Airbrush Tan

Airbrush tan service Mississauga Ontario

At Fortelli Salon & Spa we offer sunless airbrush tanning.


Our hand-sprayed sunless airbrush tan is a safe and effective way to give your skin a beautiful and natural glow for those special occasions, before leaving for vacation, or when you are feeling those winter blues.  


This application of airbrush tanning is highly preferred to tanning booths. The tan is applied by an esthetician, giving you a much more controlled, natural, and beautiful glow and colour that works best for you.


This service is available to both men & women.




For maximum results, shower before hand using a loofah or dry glove. This helps to exfoliate the skin. By doing so, you are creating a smooth layer for the tan to grasp, giving you a much more even glow. Do NOT apply any creams before the tan, including face creams, as the tan does not adhere well to cream.


After you have received your sunless airbrush tan, you are required to abstain from showering for at least 8 hours. The tan may leave a residue on clothes or sheets however do not fret! The tan is 100% washable and does not stain. Enjoy your beautiful glow for 7 – 10 days and don’t forget to apply cream daily, keeping your skin moisturized, but also to help maintain the tan!


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$55 Full Body
$35 Upper Body
$30 Lower Body (legs)


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