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Hair Treatments

Perm Treatment
Long lasting, natural curls can be yours with our curl enhancing treatment. Different types of curls are available as our highly trained salon specialists utilize professional and high quality products. From soft beach waves to tight-knit ringlets, the perm treatment offers a beautiful and natural curling technique for almost all hair types.

From $70+



*All Cezanne services include proper take-home care to maintain your smoothing treatment for longer lasting results (products include the Cezanne Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner)

Head and Scalp Treatments

Hair Treatments

Cezanne Keratin Smoothing System


Cezanne is a safe in salon treatment that brings hair to its ideal and most beautiful condition without damage or dangerous chemicals. This smoothing system works on all hair types and textures, and is customized to provide your hair with your ideal results! Cezanne reduces frizz, and delivers straighter and smoother hair. Hair feels healthy, manageable, and beautiful for up to 5 months.


Experience long lasting smooth and relaxed texture with this new smoothing system. Cezanne* is a 100% formaldehyde free smoothing system that elasticizes the hair and eliminates frizz and unnecessary wave. Cezanne works from the inside out, and wears slowly off the hair, leaving new growth natural. See and feel instant added moisture, strength, and shine.


Short Length Hair from $350
Medium Length Hair from $400
Long Hair from $450


Hair Treatment Service Fortelli Mississauga

Agave Smoothing Treatment

Put an end to frizzy and unmanageable hair with the Agave Smoothing Treatment. The Agave Smoothing Treatment is a natural smoothing service that lasts up to 12 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Home-care products are provided with treatment to ensure long lasting results.


Derived from Mexico's Blue Agave plant, it is nature's healing cure for dry and damaged hair. Agave's natural oil helps to nourish the hair, transforming the outer cuticular layer, and making the hair softer, smoother, and shinier. It is nature's miracle ingredient, providing ultimate hair restoration.


From $300+ (price includes proper agave shampoo and agave conditioner).

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Manicures & pedicures using Qtica products and Zoya nail polish. Nail Shellac available.

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Natural Tech by Davines


Natural Tech by Davines offers a combination of nature and science to target problems within the scalp area.


Hair treatments help to strengthen and protect hair from every day encounters like stress, environmental factors, pollution, and many more.


Natural Tech is designed and formulated to solve common problems of the scalp and hair. Not only are in-salon treatments available but also, for your convenience, proper home-care for maintenance and up keep to ensure these problems are resolved.

Hair Treatment Menu

For dehydrated scalp, and dry or brittle hair, the nourishing treatment is excellent for many hair types that need nourishment. The nourishing treatment helps to provide that silky smooth feeling and look to hair that needs it.


Nourishing Treatment   from $45


The replumping treatment infuses the hair with hyaluronic acid to moisturize the hair and add buoyancy and elasticity. Notice an immediate difference in hair texture, bounce, and shine. For full-bodied hair, seek the replumping treatment.

Replumping Treatment   from $45


For fragile scalp and thinning hair due to stress, environmental factors, or hormonal changes, the energizing treatment uses caffeine to help stimulate the hair’s follicle giving it that extra push to promote growth.


Energizing Treatment   from $45


For dry and oily dandruff, purifying helps to cleanse and rid the scalp of dry and old flaky scalp. Purifying continues to relive the scalp of these irritabilities by providing it with nourishment and slowly reducing the scalp’s release of dandruff.


Purifying Treatment   from $45


For oily scalp and hair, the rebalancing treatment helps to retrain hair to produce fewer oils in order to prevent oil and grease within the scalp


Rebalancing Treatment   from $45


Revitalizing for atonic scalp, the detoxifying treatment helps to remove excess build up due to environmental factors, chlorine from pool usage, and excessive product build up


Detoxifying Treatment   from $45


Soothing for sensitive scalp, the calming treatment uses and shampoo and lotion to help reduce scalp irritability and burning sensations.


Calming Treatment  from $45


Hydrating for all hair types, the well-being treatment is a great add-on to any of the above treatments. This is also great for regular up-keep to maintain healthy hair.


Well-Being Treatment  from $45


A great additive to a colour service or a wash and style, the quick repair treatment uses select products from the Nourishing line to help strengthen fragile and dry hair.


Quick Repair Treatment  from $15