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Permanent Hair Colour

Fortelli haircut salon Mississauga Ontario.

Permanent Colour – MASK by Davines

Create the colour you want with the stylists at Fortelli Salon. With proper education and exceptional listening skills, our stylists provide you and your colour with something more.


Our colour experts design and create your colour specifically for you! Using Davines permanent hair colouring products, our stylists mix and match different tones and levels of colour to create something unique for you. Our hair colour products are designed to provide enduring colour while enhancing and strengthening the hair.


We finish the process with natural cleansing and conditioning products.

From $65 Permanent Colour
Finish with a Style for $35



For that very blonde effect, on scalp bleach is available. We offer three different kinds of bleaching systems, available for different sensitivities and hair conditions.

From $60 On Scalp Bleach
From $20 – Add Permanent Toner (if required)


If you are looking for a multi-dimensional look, foils are perfect for you. Our stylists create rich, multi-toned foils to compliment your colour and tone with highlights, lowlights or both. Whether you are looking for something natural, or creative, our stylists are happy to provide you with exceptional foil results.

From $100 Foils – Full head
From $70 Foils – Partial
From $20 - Add Permanent Toner (if required)
Finish with a style for $35


Ammonia Free Permanent Colour – A NEW COLOUR by Davines


Davines presents its new colour line, A NEW COLOUR, formulated without ammonia. Davines has transformed the world of colour, bringing us an authentic form of sustainable beauty. Inspired by the multi-coloured world of insects, A NEW COLOUR brings about the scientific potential of vegetable pigments, and vegetable melanin (an antioxidant extracted from the date palm). A NEW COLOUR is a 3 step permanent colouring system that substitutes ammonia with the properties of natural active ingredients.


You will enjoy the odour-free experience with none of the side effects that happen with conventional hair colour treatments. Can be used to lighten, darken and cover grey 100%. A New Colour is now available in exclusive salons only.

From $75 Permanent Colour
From $65 On Scalp Bleach
From $100 Full Head of Foils
From $20 - Add Permanent Toner (if required)


Finest Pigments By Davines – 98% Natural General Colouring System


Finest Pigments is formulated with up to 98% natural ingredients. This product does not cover grey 100% because it does not use ammonia or alter the hair’s pigment. It is used to enhance, brighten, and give your colour something it is missing. Finest Pigments completely washes out in 8-10 washes.


Perfect for colour experimenting or a temporary and fun change.


From $49 Finest Pigments Colour
From $30 – Add Finest Pigments Toner


*Please note that when coming in for Finest Pigments Colour, hair must be washed and blow-dried clean without product or conditioner.

Colour Techniques

Trendy and natural, this stunning new colour technique stands out. Blending from the mid-shaft of your hair, to your ends, colour takes a lightened tone, and blends lighter as it flows down to the very tips.


Ombre is a complex technique, and our stylists have proven their exceptional skills with their education and experience. Whether you are looking for something soft and natural, or something daring and extravagant, our stylists provide you with flawless ombre that lasts and is easy to maintain.


From $70
Add Permanent Toner From $20
Add Permanent Colour From $60


A new foil technique only available within Davines exclusive salons, Flamboyage offers your hair a subtle and natural foil highlight. Flamboyage is designed to lighten with little damage and can be very soft or stunningly dramatic if you would like it to be.


A special foil is used, and has one sticky side. The sticky side is pressed to the head grabbing few strands of hair. These pieces are lightened and toned (if required) to give you a beautiful and natural reflect in your colour. Flamboyage can be as soft or dramatic as you choose.


Each Single Foil From $10
Partial Head From $90
Full Head From $120
Add Permanent Toner (if required) From $20




Balayage is a colour blending technique, that uses colour, or bleach, to give your hair colour a multi-dimensional, multi-leveled look.


The Balayage technique uses a bleaching system to create a tone-on-tone effect throughout the entire head. It requires a smearing action creating a unique blend of colour.


Based upon consultation


Hair colour service at Fortelli salon and spa Mississauga

Colour consultations for all colour techniques (ombre, balayage, flamboyage) are required in order to ensure your reservation is booked with the proper amount of time. Consultations allow the stylist to provide a proper quote in terms of pricing, and allows the stylist to proceed with a strand test should it be required. Without a consultation prior to reserving your colour appointment, we cannot guarantee the full service be provided due to unforeseen circumstances that are discussed in the consultation. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you with the best service possible!

Colour Correction

Hair colour service Mississauga at Fortelli salon and spa.Colour Correction
If your hair is damaged, over processed, or you are simply not happy with your colour, come to Fortelli Salon to correct the damage and colour mistakes. We specialize in colour correction and colour matching, so you can feel and look your best.

Changing your hair colour is also considered a colour correction! Don’t be fooled by the term “correction.” Our stylists work to provide you with the colour you want. Colour corrections are very lengthy in time. Be sure to give yourself a few hours in salon to ensure the process is done properly and correctly.


Colour corrections may only be reserved after a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists. This is to ensure proper timing is given, and also provides a proper quotation in terms of pricing.


Colour correction prices are based upon consultation.